Victorious Secrets

Did you realize there are principles you can apply to win in relationships; that there are things you can do to make love that lasts, in all your relationships? I Cor 13:7-8 defines love for us. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and lasts forever. This definition is impossible for us on our own, but God can give us the capacity to love, to love like He does. We must allow God to do a work in our life, a work of His love. Ask God to work His work of love in you and position yourself for Him to do this work in you by applying the following “Victorious Secrets”.

1. Make a covenant commitment. Think about it, you only need a commitment when you don’t want to do something. For instance, I have to make a commitment to go the gym. I don’t look forward to going to the gym. So, I have to make a commitment to go. Make a commitment to your relationships. There will be days you need this commitment to have a good relationship with friends or spouse. Commitment provides safety for the relationship. The commitment stands when feelings don’t. Make a choice from this day forward to commit to your relationships. Covenant commitment to church is a good thing to do too.

2. Celebrate your differences. In your marriage, remember that men and women are very different. We really do speak different languages. Compatibility is a myth. Learn to appreciate your differences. Roles are different but each role is important. Together you can make a complete package.

3. Work on communication. We work on communication in every other aspect of life but communication within the family tends to be greatly reduced. Practice curiosity. When your friend or spouse is communicating, listen actively, ask questions, focus on them and what they are saying, respond to what is said with thoughtfulness. This is an investment and worthy of your time and effort.

4. For your marriage, feed the fire of romance. It's not the fireplace’s fault that there's no fire. You have to collect the wood, prepare kindling, light the fire. Don't let your feelings drive the process. Actively engage in romance intentionally.

5. Keep Jesus at the center. If you leave God out of the process, it is bound to fail. Ps 127:1 makes it clear, “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” He created the process. Allow Him to speak into the process. He's the owner’s manual. Doing it without Him on your own terms will not work. Let God define your relationships.
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