We are so excited to get back into the building and have live services with you! As we prepare the building, classrooms and continue renovations, we are refocusing our energy into fixing the building up for re-entry. With that in mind, we are putting the website and YouTube channel under construction as we work to provide a clean and safe environment for your family upon re-entry. We encourage you to go back and watch a few of our previous programs and recap some of the videos, games and bible lessons with your children!
  • COVID 19

    While we are social distancing, we are not spiritually distancing. Our Kidz Ministry team created an assortment of Kidz Lessons and Parent Pop-In's along with resources to help your family during COVID - 19. You Can access these at any time on our Motor City Church YouTube Page and our @MyMotorCityChurch Facebook Page!
  • Join us

    Go to Motor City Kidz YouTube Channel to watch our Kidz Lessons & stay tuned into our Facebook and Instagram Pages, @MyMotorCityChurch, for all updates with our Kidz Ministry.

Hello, from our Kidz pastor Christine


    To partner with parents by bringing to your home a worship segment, a Bible story, a prayer, a scripture memory verse, and an interactive fun activity. Take time to engage in these lesson discussions with your children.

Online Lesson

Click the link below to access your materials for today's lesson!

Our vision is for every child to:

  • LOVE GOD because God is love and He first loved us.
  • LOVE PEOPLE becasue God loves all people.
  • DO YOUR BEST and God does the rest.
  • HAVE FUN because God gives us joy.
  • Questions?

    Email us for any questions or ways we can better serve you and your family during this time.