God Is Our Source

Nov. 20

The journey to generosity is letting go of our way of doing things and doing things God’s way. Learning to trust God with our finances, our jobs, our families is the biggest lesson we can learn. Watch this message to learn how to start your journey to a generous life - An exceedingly, abundantly, over and above life!

Mission: Possible

Nov. 13

When was the last time you told someone your story? Have you stopped to listen to someone else's story recently? We tend to move through life quickly and never stop to really live in the moment. Sometimes all it takes is one story, one encouragement, one invitation to see someone's life changed. Join us as we learn some key ways to accomplish our mission!

Vision Sunday 2022

Nov. 6

It’s Vision Sunday and we’re looking forward to all that we can accomplish together in this new year. Tune in to hear all that we were able to do in ‘22 and what we’re believing for in ‘23! We are better together!

Mindset Matters, Pt. 6

Oct. 30

Success isn't having a nice car or an established career. Success is becoming who you were meant to be and living out your God-given potential. Tune into this message as we learn the keys to discovering your potential and how to allow God's word to transform our mindset. If you change your thinking, you can change your world!

Mindset Matters, Pt. 5

Oct. 23

Coach Dave continued this amazing series on changing our mindsets, based on his book, "Mindset Matters". Romans, 12:2 has been the foundational passage for this series. It reads “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

Mindset Matters, Pt. 4

Oct. 16

Coach Dave continues in our series, Mindset Matters, and taught on how we can see lasting change in our lives. Change always follows choices and it starts with us facing the truth, creating new thoughts, a strong community and the Holy Spirit. It is a powerful message we know that it will bless you.


Oct. 9

Don’t miss this message from our special guest, Pastor Jonathan Brozozog from Creative Church. We all face difficulties and can find ourselves lost in the pain. God wants to cleanse you and remove your iniquities. He is not distant to in your struggles, He is right there with you. 

Mindset Matters, Pt. 3

Oct. 2

We had the best Sunday with YOU! Coach continued in our series, Mindset Matters and we talked about the areas in our life that seem so hard to change. It all starts with our thinking. Tune into this message to learn how to practically change your thinking and in turn, change your world.

Mindset Matters, Pt. 2

Sept 25

We continued in our series, Mindset Matters and it was powerful. The bible talks so much about how our mentality can affect our reality. What you let in, will come out. Don't miss this message as Coach shares how to reset your mindset and key ways to change your thoughts each day. It will encourage and help you!

A Purpose That Will Inspire You

Sept 18

We were so honored to have Pastor Brian Houston as our guest speaker and he shared a powerful message on purpose. God has created you, called you and graced you for purpose. What God has spoken to you, the enemy cannot take it away. Be encouraged today, that God's purpose for your life stands firm.

Mindset Matters

Sept 11

Coach Dave began a new series based on his latest book, Mindset Matters. Change Your Mind, Change Your World.

Promise Over Problem

Sept 4
Coach Dave reminds us of the promises of God. We can always look to a promise of God to encourage us to overcome any problem we face.

hearing God, Pt. 4

Aug 28
Coach Dave cwraps up this powerful series encoruaging us to TUNE IN to God and TUNE OUT the things that oppse God.

hearing God, Pt. 3

Aug 21
Coach Dave continues the series, speaking to the ways God can whisper to us. We have to be able to hear the still small voice of God.

hearing God, Pt. 2

Aug 14
Pastor Dave Lomansey, Jr. continues the series, Hearing God.

hearing God

Aug 7
Coach Dave begins a new series teaching us how to Hear God. As we begin 21 Days of Prayer, it's important to know how to block out the noise and hear the voice of God.

You Matter!

July 31
Our special guest, Pastor Phil Munsey brought an encouraging word about knowing who we are in Christ. Have you taken time to think about the fact that you matter? Your life has a purpose. God is working but everything He does on the earth, He does it through his people.

The Cloud - Downloading Rebekah

July 24
As in previous weeks, with focus on Rebekah, let’s identify what she might have to say to us as a member of the great cloud of witnesses who are cheering us on watching us run our race. I think Rebekah would tell us to give generously to others. “Invest your life in others. Be generous with your hugs, your time, your attention. Spend time every day to give to others.”

The Cloud - Downloading Abraham

July 17
As we continue accessing the Cloud, and learning from the hall of fame of biblical icons, we look at the example of faith that Abraham was, He learned to completely trust God that He would always do the right thing. Let this message encourage you today, and remind you that God always does the right thing for you.

The Cloud - Downloading Samson

July 10
In Hebrews 11, we have a list that we call the Hall of Fame of Faith. In Hebrews 12, these heroes of faith are referred to as a great cloud of witnesses. If these people are considered to be “Hall of Famers”, “Heroes of the Faith”, let’s take a minute and drill down on one of these witnesses. Let’s find out what he has to say to us. I want to look at what Samson would say to us.

The Cloud - Noah

July 3
Coach began a new series called The Cloud. We are so used to to storing and downloading things to and from the "the cloud" in this day and age. So with that in mind, this week we download Noah. Noah is a great example of someone who made a difference in for his family, his generation and God.

Go After The Prodigals

June 26
As Summer Daze kick off at Motor City Church, Coach brought a word about going after the prodigals. Let this message encourage you today. "We all know people that used to be strong in their faith. They used to be in church, excited about God. You’d see them week after week, serving, giving, helping others but somewhere along the way they fell off course. They got discouraged, they went through a disappointment, a divorce, a sickness, or they made poor choices, now they feel guilty, condemned like they don’t belong. We have a responsibility to help bring that person back. You don’t have to tell them all they’re doing wrong. Don’t condemn them. Just tell them three simple things, “We miss you, we need you, we love you.” Coach Dave

The Story I'll Tell

June 19
Throughout the bible, there are tons of stories that we can learn from and apply to our lives. They remind us that God's word is true and always on time, that God is the God of more than enough and that when we are waiting for a miracle, we need to keep our faith strong!

Closer, Pt. 3

June 12
Coach Dave completes this powerful series on worship entitled Closer. This week, coach looks at what happens when we worship. Our worship REFOCUSES our attention, REMINDS us who is in charge, RELEASES our faith and so much more!

Closer, Pt. 2

June 5
Coach Dave continued this powerful series on worship entitled Closer. This week, we look at the 7 Hebrew words for praise. Let this message encourage and empower you to explore the many different expressions of our praise to God.


May 29
Coach began a new series called "Closer", on the importance of our worship and why we worship. It's not about us. It's about God and doing what we were created to do. It's our privilege to honor Him with our expressive worship.

Miracles In The Mundane

May 22
Pastor Christine brought an incredible word on Praying Circles. There is so much power in our words + we are able to pray + prophecy over our children, our futures and our callings. No matter where you find yourself in life, this word is for YOU!

Praying Circles

May 15
Coach & Pastor Christine brought an incredible word on Praying Circles. There is so much power in our words + we are able to pray + prophecy over our children. Whether you're a parent or not, this word is for YOU!

Mother's Day!

May 8
Coach Dave shared on how to honor our parents. The bible teaches us to honor our parents and promises that when we do, things will go well for us & we will live a long life.


May 1
We need to become spiritually mature to make forward progress in our faith so we can show others the way and be a blessing to those closest to us. We know that a tree is healthy and thriving by its green leaves, fruit and its growth over the years. The fact that we are achieving new heights and withstanding the storms of life is confirmation that our roots are growing deeper and we are progressing toward maturity. Spiritual growth occurs through personal study of the Bible and through messages we hear and read. We are transformed by the Word of God.

The Journey, Pt. 5

April 24
God wants us to have our own resurrection and in order to experience a resurrection, we have to experience death. Coach brought a powerful on how we can die to our self, our flesh and the world. The ultimate life is waiting for you on the other side.

The Journey, Pt. 4

April 17
Coach wrapped up our series, "The Journey!" In order to start the journey, we have to know God - God is not looking at your actions & deeds, He is looking for your heart. When you fall in love with Jesus, being faithful to Him is easy.

The Journey, Pt. 3

April 10
Coach continued the series, "The Journey" and brought a powerful message regarding the price Jesus paid for us. Jesus paid too high of a price for us to settle for less than what He intends for us.

The Journey, Pt. 2

April 3
Coach continued in our series, "The Journey" and brought a powerful message on discovering your purpose. God created each of us ON purpose and FOR a purpose. It's time for us to step through the open doors and into God-given opportunities! Don't stay stuck, God has more for you!

The Journey

Mar 27
Coach Dave started a brand new series called, "The Journey!" We are all on a journey and long for what's next in life. However, you cannot start The Journey without knowing where you are going.

Discovering Your Purpose

Mar 20
This coach shares a powerful message about discovering your purpose. We are all created with a purpose and a calling. You don't decide your purpose, you discover it. Listen to this message to learn how to discover the purpose God has for you!

A Cathedral Mindset

Mar 13
Did you know that some of the biggest cathedrals in the world have taken centuries to build? Buildings like these need vision that goes beyond the here and now. teaches how vision keeps you focused, fueled and helps you finish well!

Be Salty!

Mar 6
Coach encourages us to Be Salty! It's as simple making connections with people to spread the love of Jesus. Even just a simple invite to church or ahub group is all it takes to the salt of the earth the bible calls us to be.

Victorious Secrets. Pt. 4

Feb. 27
Coach continued the series speaking to how technology affects our relationships. Our phones are amazing technology and helps us engage in a very productive manner, but they also distract and can hinder healthy connections with our spouses, friends and family.

Victorious Secrets. Pt. 3

Feb. 21
Pastor Steve brought a powerful word on the Secrets to Building Your Home. The reality is that storms and challenges will happen in our relationships, but we must build a solid foundation, make the right choices, speak the right words and be intentional. Whether you're married, single, a parent or grandparent, this message is for YOU...

Victorious Secrets. Pt. 2

Feb. 14
Covenants aren't just for when everything is goin good, covenants keep the interest of the other person in mind, they surrender rights and assumes responsibility. The greatest relationship is when two servants love each other.

Victorious Secrets

Feb. 7
In this new series it's all about relationships and how to win in every relationship. Coach speak to how we won't have great relationships until we commit to it.

God Encounters, Pt. 4

Jan 31
In this new series it's all about relationships and how to win in every relationship. Coach speak to how we won't have great relationships until we commit to it.

God Encounters, Pt. 3

Jan 24
We all experience bad days and periods of pain and loss, but in our darkest days, God stands close to us. It is when we walk through pain and troubles that God is working to reveal something within us!

God Encounters, Pt. 2

Jan 20
What are you saying about yourself? What past mistakes have you let define you? Don't miss this message as Coach talks about developing a God-Confidence. A confidence that allows us to see ourselves the way that God sees us! Maybe you've been viewing yourself through the mirror of failure or maybe the mirror of inferiority - God is the only one with an accurate story of you! He says you are my child, you are called, you are loved and valuable - And God is NOT done with you! Be encouraged to day that there is nothing too difficult for our God!

God Encounters

Jan 16
What are you wrestling with? Is it your past? Your Secrets? So many of us wrestle with who we thought we were versus who God has called us to be! Whether you realize it or not, we all are wrestling in some area of our life - Watch this message now and Coach will give you the practical ways to move past the wrestle and into a God Encounter!